Establishing Company Values

Well-established and well-known statements of mission and vision are necessary to establishing company values. It is not enough to just write down what and who you want your company to be in your business plan and then file it away, never to look at it again. Mission and vision statements are so much more useful when their words resonate throughout your business.

The mission statement is used to tell you, your employees, and your customers what your goal is in doing business. Your vision tells them where you’re planning to go. Let’s take a local dry cleaning business for example. Their mission and vision statements might look like this:

Mission: Happy Clean Service.

Vision: Always there when we’re needed.

This example is very simple and easy to understand while communicating that you offer friendly service in a clean environment and plan to remain flexible to better serve your customers.

Many mission and vision statements vary in length, but shorter is better. Take the Smithsonian  Mission Statement for example: “The increase and diffusion of knowledge.” This is short, sweet and to the point. Anyone can learn it in moments and recite it later without very much difficulty. This is key in the dissemination of your core purpose and values.

AG005010A-Cartaz - Visao Missao e Valores

These statements give your organization guidelines to live by and you will ultimately develop strategies to carry them out. When everyone within your organization knows and understands your mission and vision, they will have better clarity in understanding how to carry out their duties in the name of the organization. This helps everybody to work together toward a common goal while holding each other accountable.

Consistent projection of your mission and vision is required and they should serve as a guide behind all decisions. It is not enough to just put it on the wall and be done. You have to rally your troops behind them so they become shared principles and goals. Help the members of your organization understand why they are important and consistently make iterations as necessary.

Once every part of your business is singing the same tune, then it gets projected out to your public in every interaction. This could be at the point-of-sale, your vendor interactions, or even your employees bringing it home with them and telling their friends. Your business becomes recognized as a “well-oiled machine” (as long as you’re doing everything else correctly too!) and others’ trust in you builds. A culture emerges.

Get started on you mission and vision statement today! Check this Mission Statement Generator out to help you get started with yours. Thank you for stopping by and remember to “Stop Doing the Mundane, and Start Getting Weird”!

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